Unlimited Car GPS Tracking to give you peace of mind

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Whereify is the Intersection of Technology and Safety

Ensure safety when others drive your car.

Track where your car is and where it went. Whereify is designed to give you a complete picture of your family's driving safety. It actively monitors your car and knows exactly where it is and how long it has been there while providing instant notifications straight to your phone.

Whereify is one of the lowest cost, most advanced GPS car trackers on the market, designed just for your family's active lifestyle.

Super Affordable

The basic Whereify tracking unit is the least expensive unit on the market at $19.99

Easy Install

No Mechanic, No Problem. Whereify is preconfigured and ready to go

Data Included

No technical knowledge required, all in one packaging. SIM Included!

Fast Support

Live support by real people from our Lakeland Florida office. Excellent instructions


Get data from the source

For people who do not want to rely only on data collected from an easily defeatable phone tracker, get it directly from your car. Car going too fast? We will let you know. Car alarm going off? You will get a notification. Is your teen really at school? Take a look!

Easy Integration

Whereify comes preconfigured and ready to go, no technical knowledge required. Simply insert the unit into the receiver located close to the driver's seat in the vehicle.

Whereify Screenshots

Unlimited GPS car monitoring to give you peace of mind


Key Features

Take a look at our features that can help keep your family safe

Real-Time Data

Whereify analyzes your data and draws GPS circles on your digital map for you so you don’t have to guess where your car may go. Every time the car is stopped a circle will be drawn, the longer the car stays in this location the larger the circle will get.

Cloud AI

You can filter through the categories you selected and know exactly where your car is stopped and for how long. This provides you quick and easy visual queries when you look at the map and you can quickly analyze exactly what is going on.

Simple Reports

You can use one of Whereify’s reports. The quick summary shows you all stops, durations, and locations of interest close by.

Details When You Need Them. See miles driven, speeding analysis, locations near by.

Intuitive Design

Whereify uses colors so you can easily look at vehicle speeds and identify high speeds without having to open a bunch of reports.

You can drill into any map element by clicking to get even more details about the drive.

The smart system that does the work for you

Concerned that your teen is going somewhere you don't want them to go? Want to know how long your car was in the store parking lot? All you have to do is select the categories where you want to be notified and we do all the geofencing and tracking for you.

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We have over 130 categories you can choose from. Whereify searches nearby at every car stop and lets you know exactly what is around. Whereify also tells you the exact address of your car is now, and was, every step of the way!


Whereify allows you to get the data directly from the source, your car.

Customers Feedback

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Lowest Cost. Biggest Features

Whereify includes everything you need to get started in one low cost package. Get the lowest cost GPS hardware preconfigured, including the SIM card and data. Nothing complicated here, we'll focus on the tools, you focus on your family.

Tracker OBD2

$ 19.99 / one-time
  • Solid Performance
  • Goes in OBD2 Port
  • Detects Car Alarms
  • Very Accurate GPS Radio
  • Preconfigured SIM Card
  • Inconspicuous
  • Low Profile
  • 12 Month Warranty
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Tracker USB

$ 49.99 / one-time
  • Battery Backup
  • Goes in Lighter Port
  • Super Easy Install
  • Very Accurate GPS Radio
  • Preconfigured SIM Card
  • 2 USB Charging Ports
  • Not Obviously GPS Tracker
  • 12 Month Warranty
Available August 2018

Whereify Subscription

$ 9.99 / monthly
  • Device DATA Plan
  • Location Every 60 Seconds or More
  • Location Watch by Category
  • Real-Time 24x7 Mapping
  • Data Available in APP or Browser
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